black pine tar

Black Pine Tar Over Distemper Paint

Distemper paint was used a long time ago. It was an old form of paint. It is no longer used today as it breaks down and creates a peeling effect after many years. It peels especially if it comes in contact with water. That’s why people who lived in an old house with distempered paint would opt to repaint it. And one of their choices is black pine tar.

It is typically an ideal choice for an old house to make it look like it’s a brand new unit. But what should you do if you wish to remove the distemper paint and replace it with pine tar? Can you paint over distemper paint?

People thought that painters before did a bad painting job. But it was not the case. They simply used a paint that would peel off years after. Some people would want to remove the distemper paint first before applying pine tar. Others, however, tried to just paint it over the distemper paint, without first removing the latter. The result? It was perfect.

black pine tar

Why Choose Black Pine Tar?

Black pine tar is durable. And it is also aesthetically pleasing and modern. The overall work is quick. You can do it within a day, depending on the surface area you are working on. Since the finish is durable, it is a lot easier to repaint it in the future.

Pine tar is beneficial, especially if you live in a place where the weather requires durable paint. In that way, you do not have to perform several maintenance projects. One of the reasons house owners opt for black pine tar is that it provides a uniform color. It also permeates well.

What is Black Pine Tar Exactly?

It contains high-quality pine tar. The black pigment has been added to achieve the best durability to fight against UV irradiation. That’s why those who live in a sunny place opt for it.

Pine tar, per se, has been utilized because it can penetrate well to the planed wood. It also permits the wood to breathe. However, it has to be diluted. In that way, it provides quick penetration and offers a matte finish.

Black pine tar is perfect for wooden buildings. However, you can use it on any wood surface that you desire. If you wish to talk to our specialist and inquire about black pine tar, please call our experts at (818) 308-8430.