black pine tar

Black Pine Tar: Making the Wood Surface More Attractive

Black pine tar is a natural wood preservative. It’s been hailed as a powerful way to protect the wood from moisture. This product creates a barrier on wood. It’s also prized for its antiseptic properties. But the best thing about this product is that it makes your wooden product appear great. 

Giving Matte Black Finish with Black Pine Tar 

When you choose to treat a wooden building, fence, or boathouse, make sure that you use authentic pine tar. And if you want black color, opt for black pine tar as it contains natural black pigment. It gives the surface a strong black color. That’s not all. It also protects the wood from the elements. It prevents further damage to the surfaces affected by the sun. 

It’s not a new method of treating wood, though. Pine tar has been used for thousands of years because of its effectiveness in protecting wooden surfaces outdoors. Even though it offers protection, it still allows the wood to breathe. However, you need to apply the stain correctly. That is, you have to mix it with something, like purified linseed oil. The mixture will help produce a natural black wood stain. 

Besides giving a black stain, it provides better penetration because it makes pine tar less sticky. Applying protection to the wooden surface isn’t optional. That is if you want the wooden surface to last long. 

If you wish to protect the wood’s surface to make it last longer, then make sure that you use it for utmost protection. Without it, the wood can dry and crack. If that happens, it will be exposed to moisture. With the proper finish, like pine tar, it prevents swelling and cracking. You’re protecting the wood against stains. It also enhances the overall appearance of the wood surface. 

Is It Safe? 

Pine tar is made of natural ingredients. Hence, it’s safe to be used in your wooden building. Even though it’s safe to use, it may still emit fumes. Hence, you need to work outdoors. Or make sure that you’re working in a well-ventilated area. Use a fan for proper circulation. 

black pine tar

Professional Look 

After you have completely applied pine tar to the wooden surface, you’ll be amazed by its professional result. The result will be a smooth sheen. The wooden surface will look expensive.  But you may wonder how many coats you need to apply to achieve a professional look. One coat may suffice. But it depends on the kind of wood surface you have. 

Applying a second coat may be necessary. You may also re-apply it after a year, depending on how the surface looks after the first application. And each time you apply it, make sure that the surface is clean and dry. The best time to apply it is in the hot season or summer to ensure quick drying. Want to know more about black pine tar and how it can protect your wooden building, please call us at 818-308-8430