pine tar wood stain

Better Protection Against UV Radiation with Pine Tar Wood Stain

Pine tar wood stain is a common method of protecting wood products from UV radiation. Before, purchasing this product was a burden because of its limited supply. Now, you can easily find and buy it online at Pine Tar World. Wood is one of the most common building materials. It is the go-to material in construction, especially in nations where there are trees everywhere. Unfortunately, woods are vulnerable to moisture and pests. To prevent pests from penetrating the wood, you can apply termite control to ensure that the wood’s structures are safe and remain standing. But pests are not the only ones that can destroy the structures of the wood. Other natural elements can affect the wood’s integrity.

pine tar wood stain

UV Radiation on Its Effects on Wood Products

The ultraviolet light or UV is responsible for any damage to wood. The reason for this is that it alters the wood component that strengthens the cell walls. The process is also known as photo-oxidation. The colorants absorb UV light. The more colorant you apply to the wood, the less UV light can penetrate through the wood. The use of pine tar wood stain has been around since ancient times. And it is still being used today. It offers a great advantage to treated and untreated wood products.

Best Wood Preservation

The Swedish pine tar at Pine Tar World is one of the best wood preservation products you can find. It can penetrate into the wood deeply. Once applied, it can prevent the wood from drying and cracking.

One of the dangers of cracking is that it dehydrates the wood. The reason for this is that the water can easily penetrate the wood, resulting in it to start rotting. Applying for wood protection or preservation product, like pine tar wood stain, prevents the wood from decaying.

Swedish pine tar wood stain offers long-lasting protection. It is one of the reasons it is a popular product among wood enthusiasts. It offers the right protection against UV radiation. Furthermore, you can apply it on pressure-treated wood, facades, and other untreated wood. You can also use it on hardwood, like cedar and larch.

Dry and Clean

When treating the wood with pine tar, it is vital that you dry it first. It should also be cleaned properly. The best season to apply this product is during summer. Do not apply it in early spring. To apply this product, use a brush or a roller. Work on small areas first. From there, you can wipe off any surplus areas. To wipe off excess stains, simply use a rag that has been soaked in turpentine.

When applying this product, make sure that you wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. Within 24 hours, the wood product will smell like pine tar. But the scent fades within a few days. Re-application is necessary to further protect the wood products from UV radiation effects. You should re-apply it every three years.

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