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Best Pine Tar: The Choice for Wood Preservation

The best pine tar available at Pine Tar World is a popular choice for wood preservation because it is a natural product made from the resin of pine trees. Because of its natural fungicide properties, it can protect the wood from decay as a result of fungal infection. 

Why Choose the Best Pine Tar

In addition to it having natural fungicide properties, this product can also be used as an insect repellant. It can naturally ward off bugs, chiggers, and other insects. However, to use it as pine tar, you need to add it to your soap ingredients. If you find a soap that contains it, then you can be sure that it’s a good insect repellent. It requires consistent usage to ensure the utmost protection from biting insects. What makes it an effective insect repellent is its smell. Bites don’t like the scent of it. Thus, they keep away from it. 

Water Repellent 

Did you know that Vikings used pine tar as natural wood preservatives for their ships? Scandinavian churches, too, are using it. This is one reason their churches are still standing today. Its ability to create a barrier on wood and rope makes it a better choice to preserve any wood products. In Sweden, people are using black pine tar as wood treatment for wooden buildings and boats. Thus, when you apply it to your wood furniture that is constantly exposed to moisture and rain, you can expect it to last for decades. 

Easy to Apply 

One of the reasons many would choose it over other wood preservatives is that it is easy to apply. For one, it doesn’t need special equipment or tools for application. However, you need to completely dry the wood to be treated first. That’s why it’s vital to apply it in the summer so that you can dry the wood faster than when you apply it in winter. If the surface still has a coating, you should scrub it off using a cleaner. Don’t use chemical strippers if you are working on a porous wood surface. 

The Versatility of Pine Tar 

This product is not only ideal for ships but is also ideal to be used in a range of wood types and surfaces. It means that you can apply it on decks, fences, roofs, and logs. If you have wood products at home that you wish to preserve, you can use pine tar. 


There are so many wood preservatives on the market but most of them are costly. But with pine tar, you don’t have to pay a fortune for it. It’s relatively inexpensive especially if you purchase it from Pine Tar World. Plus, it is easy to find. However, make sure that you’re only buying authentic pine tar. Otherwise, you won’t get the benefits mentioned above. 


Pine tar is also used to give wood a dark, attractive finish. Thus, if you want to enhance the appearance of your outdoor wood structures, like your fence or roofs, then pine tar is the best solution.

Where to Buy It? 

The best pine tar is available at Pine Tar World. Or simply click this link so we can redirect you to our online shop.