Chinese tung oil

Applying Chinese Tung Oil for Wood Projects

Chinese tung oil is one of the most commonly used oils to dry woods. It is extracted from a tung tree seed. This tree is native to China. For many centuries, people have been using it to make a water-resistant finish. It is applied to boats and other wooden objects. It is a great alternative to drying oils, like linseed, soy, and walnut. Because of its versatile nature, people are using it for their wood projects. 

Why Consider Chinese Tung Oil?

There are various reasons people opt for tung oil in their projects. As stated earlier, this oil is versatile. It is also durable and flexible, as well as food safe. You can use it as a protective waterproof finish that will not darken or go rancid. Furthermore, it dries faster than other drying oils. In that case, it is easier to apply. It is also less time-consuming as you do not have to wait for a lot longer to apply and re-apply the product. Plus, it offers a beautiful matte finish, unlike other oils. It also adds depth to the woodgrain. As a result, you can see a styled finish that looks antique. 

Chinese tung oil

Should You Use Pure or Dark Oil 

Pure tung oil does not contain any additives. It also does not create a heavy finish while giving the wooden object a glossy appearance. It dries to any honey color object. 

If you opt for dark tung oil, you are still using pure tung oil but with non-carcinogenic resinous hydrocarbon. The added ingredient gives the oil a darker appearance. In other words, if you wish to achieve a darker result, you may opt for dark tung oil. However, if you want a natural wood result, then just opt for pure tung oil. 

Many carpenters and hobbyists are adding tung oil to their finish. They use it as a protective finish in various wood projects. This oil is applied to bamboo, brick, concrete and even metal surfaces. It is also a favorite drying agent to finish wood floors, furniture, guitars, decks and more. 

The amount of tung oil you need will depend on your project. One gallon of it is enough to cover 400 square feet surface. You may need up to five coats. However, it hinges on how porous the wood is. When you apply this oil to the wood surface, make sure that it is clean. Eliminate grease, dirt, and dust on the surface as it affects the result. You may choose to sand the surface to eliminate any finish that is present. You can apply it to bare surfaces or you may choose to apply it over another coat. 

To properly remove dust, make sure to use sandpaper and vacuum it well. Make sure to use thinner oil to make the application faster. It also dries the wood faster. You must not thin this oil when you use it on unfashioned wood floors or concrete floors. The first layer must have a generous amount. Allow the oil to be absorbed by the wood before applying the next coat. To start buying chinese tung oil for your wood projects, call us today (818) 308-8430 or visit our online shop to purchase this product online.