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Apply Swedish Pine Tar for Durability and Appearance

Many woodworkers cringe at the idea of applying a finish to their work. However, it is necessary in most cases. Finishing a product using Swedish pine tar can be a great idea. It gives you a perfect finish and appearance. It is also excellent at protecting your wood. 

Swedish Pine Tar to Protect the Woodworking Project

Swedish pine tar 

Wood is made of porous material. When it gets wet, it absorbs water. Applying a finish seals the wood. You need this to ensure that your wood project will still look good for many years. Apart from protecting the wood, applying pine tar will also make the wood more vibrant. This wood protection will highlight the stain while adding color to the grain. In a way, it can liven up the wood. 

Pine tar can help in combating attacks from mold, fungus, and algae. It stops moisture from going to the wood. In that way, mildew and algae will have difficulty developing. At Pine Tar World, we offer genuine pine tar. 

What is Genuine Pine Tar 

It is produced from resinous pinewood. Genuine pine tar also contains fatty acids and rosin. It has been used for hundreds of years in protecting and preserving wooden buildings, boats, and everyday items. This product is also antiseptic. Thus it protects the wooden structure from rotting. 

When using pine tar, you need to heat it up to 60°C. You may also just mix pine tar with gum turpentine. It makes the pine tar more volatile. It is also easy to work with. Both gum turpentine and heat can assist the pine tar to penetrate the wood successfully. 

But you must only apply a thin layer. In that way, cracking can be avoided. 

Another type of pine tar we sell here is the Kiln Burned Pine Tar. It is also known as the peasant-made tar. This type of pine tar is produced by burning pine tree stumps in a furnace or oven. If the pine tar is kiln burned, it would appear to be dark golden. This, too, can work in protecting your wood products.

Or you can pick the Imprex pine tar. It is still extracted from pinewood. This type of pine tar does not have any acetic acids, mineral products, and phenols. It preserves the wood while making the surface resistant to water. 

It is used to make wood stains. Before you use it, however, you need to mix it with linseed oil. For diluents, you may purchase gum turpentine and petroleum solvent. 

It is not a good idea to apply this product without mixing it. That said, you have to blend it with turpentine and boiled linseed oil. Before you apply it, though, make sure that the wood surface is completely dry.  

There are so many uses of Swedish pine tar. Here at Pine Tar World, we sell black and brown pine tar products. You can also shop for linseed oil and vitriol pine tar. For more inquiries about pine tar and other wood protection products, please call us at (818) 308-8430