pine tar products

Ancient Pine Tar Products to Preserve Wood Naturally

Pine tar products are an ancient form of wood preservation that is still being used today. The resins in pine tar will be used to prevent mold, fungus, and rot. That’s why they are great for wooden roofs, decks, gardens, barns, and other applications. 

Pine tar products

Pine Tar Products with Wood Preservatives from the Forest 

When you choose pine tar, you opt for a natural preservative coming from the forest. This product contains natural wood preservatives that can resist moisture and microbes. 

Although it can resist moisture, it lets the wood breathe. It also prevents the wood from cracking. The main goal here is to place the resin back into the wood to ensure that it will last longer. It protects the wood from acid rain, fungus, algae, rot, and other microbes. 

As to the wood’s character, it remains visible. The surface will age beautifully. The pine tar also contains pigments to add UV protection and to give the wood product a modern look. 

Is It Safe to Use? 

Pine tar is safe to use as it contains natural ingredients. The materials come from the forest. Thus, it is safe for the environment. 

This wood preservative has been used for over 7000 years. Currently, it has endless uses. But it is mostly used because of its protective qualities. 

Many boat owners and ship manufacturers are using it on wooden hulls, rigging, ropes, etc. You can also use pine tar in buildings. But, pine tar is mainly to preserve and protect the building’s wooden elements, like logs, fences, facades, and decks, among others. 

Some people are using it for other things, like leather and baseball bats. It is also being applied to fishing gears and cart axles. 

Mixing Pine Tar 

How you mix pine tar will depend on your desired result. You can use it in its concentrated form. That is, you take it out of the can and warm it up or you can mix it with linseed oil. You can also combine linseed oil and other solvents. 

In most cases, wood experts prefer to mix it with purified linseed oil only without solvents. You can adjust the ratio, though, based on your project. 

You need to warm the mixture before applying it to the wood surface. Make sure that the surface is also warm. The reason for this is that the mixture will better penetrate the wood on a warm surface. Doing it this way will also provide you with long-term results. 

The bristle brush you need to use must be stiff. It will help massage the mixture into the wood. It is also easy to cover a larger area at a time using a stiff bristle brush. You should apply two coats at least for better results. 

Although pine tar offers long-term results, eventually, the treated wood would look dry and faded over time. That’s why you need to apply coats when that happens. You may need to re-apply every 10 years.

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