tung oil

An Introduction to Chinese Tung Oil

Some people would want to add wood furniture to their house or apartment. But they want to add a finish to it. One of the most common finishing products is Chinese tung oil. 

The Stunning Result with Tung Oil 

Many wood enthusiasts consider this product as the finest finish for any type of wood. But what it is exactly? To make a tung oil as a drying oil, manufacturers press the seeds of the tung tree nut. Because it contains natural ingredients, this wood oil is ideal for easily drying wood once it is exposed to air. 

tung oil

The best thing is that it provides a transparent, flexible, and waterproof result. Because it is non-toxic, you can use it on wooden toys. Since it is not easily affected by mold, it is safer than applying linseed oil. This oil has been used for thousands of years to treat leather and paint boats. 

Is it Made from Petroleum? 

Unlike other wood oils, tung oil is natural. It is made from plants. Because of that, it is easily and quickly absorbed by the wood. As a result, it gives the furniture a soft look with a satiny appearance, instead of having a plastic-coated form. 

To give the wood a richer look, it will darken its appearance of the wood. But you need to be careful when buying it. Some manufacturers would sell you its finish but they are not 100% pure. Thus, before you apply it to your salad bowls or cutting boards, make sure that what you are getting is 100% pure. The only way to be sure that you are buying a pure product is to purchase it from a reputable seller like Pine Tar World. 

How Durable is this Oil? 

Tung oil is durable. It is more durable than a polyurethane varnish, even though it does not have a thick coating. But it is durable as it is water-resistant. When there are stains on the wood’s surface, you can just wipe clean it with a damp cloth. It does not harden. Thus, water will dry out first before it gets too deep in the finish. Many wood enthusiasts would use it in combination with pine tar. The combination will let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. 

Between tung oil and linseed oil, the choice will depend on your preference. Both wood oils can give you a sleek finish. But tung oil is better at providing resistance from the water. However, it takes up to two weeks to complete the project. That is, it takes time for the oil to dry out completely. One of the problems of many wood enthusiasts is that they have a hard time finding 100% pure tung oil. Most of it available in the market contains synthetic ingredients. 

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